7 de maio de 2013

My endless love

 ♫ "My love, there's only you in my life
the only thing that's right...

I'll hold you close in my arms,
I can't resist your charm ♪...

♪ ...and yes, you'll be the only one,
cause no one can deny...

This love that I have inside,
And I'll give it all for you...

My love, my love... ♪

cause I've found in you...

My endless love" ♫

Cause "You mean the world to me" ♥

6 comentários:

  1. Essa música é tão linda!! Saudadees dela!!!

  2. You mean the world to me +1
    Adorei o post,fotos superlindas ;)

  3. minha princesa mais linda
    impossivel não amar ♥

  4. derreti agora! coisinha mais ninda♥