28 de outubro de 2012

Suri in move

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  1. Annie and Laura, remember me?
    Well then.
    A hurricane is coming over here (New York) and wanted to ask a great appeal:
    What all do a prayer (or pray) that we are all here as well, and that Suri also be okay.
    The flights were cancel and Transportation were stopped, then there's no way out of here.
    Thank you for your attention and please pray that all be all right!
    PS: The name of the hurricane that is approaching Hurricane Sandy.
    Kisses, love the blog!

    1. Sure, I saw it on the news... I'm already praying for it... I wish everything be ok!! *-*

  2. Esse lacinho no cabelo,essa 'franjinha',esse jeitinho não tem como não se encantar*.*